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Campbell Hill Trip Report

Drive Up, 07/24/07

Heather, Hannah and Hyrum on the summit of Campbell Hill.
Heather, Hannah and Hyrum on the summit of Campbell Hill.

Campbell Hill, the highpoint of Ohio, is located in the town of Bellafontaine, which celebrates its highpoint status quite well. Driving there, we saw the Hi Point Church of Christ, as well as other Highpoint related business when later passing through town. The hill itself is somewhat prominent, and has an interesting history, but not difficult to summit.

As Heather, Hannah, and I were making our way back to Texas after visiting family in New York, we made a small detour to visit the highest point in Ohio. I had toyed with the idea of going to Campbell Hill when visiting nearby Hoosier Hill in Indiana, but circumstances didn't allow it. Our route from New York took us to Cleveland, where we drove south toward Columbus. We left the interstate before arriving there, and cut west through Deleware and back up toward Bellefontaine. Even through Campbell Hill is a relatively low highpoint, during the final few miles of driving, the increase in elevation was apparent.

The hill is located on the campus of the Hi Points Vocational School, which is open year-round during weekdays. We found the complex without trouble, and drove to the parking area near the top of the hill, toward the west of the complex. The day was cloudy and cool as we signed the register, took pictures, and enjoyed stretching our legs.

After our visit to Campbell Hill, we continued our drive to Texas, stopping at Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP and the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHS before stopping in Nashville for the night. The next day, we visited Mississippi's Woodall Mountain before heading home.