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Woodall Mountain Trip Report

Drive Up, 07/25/07

A cut in the trees reveals the vista from the top of Woodall Mountain.
A cut in the trees reveals the vista from the top of Woodall Mountain.

Our visit to Woodall Mountain was a quick one. On the last leg of our trip from New York to Utah, and fresh off the summit of Campbell Hill in Ohio, we visited nearby Shiloh NMP in Tennessee before making a quick jaunt south to the highest point in Mississippi. We drove to Corinth, and then east toward Iuka. From the Iuka exit, we followed the instructions in Don Holmes' book through the neighborhoods below the hill to the summit.

The last turn before the summit was on to a gravel road, marked as County Road 185. We followed this road, which was steep, and not very well graded at times, to the summit. There was a benchmark, and the area was small, with quite a bit of litter at the top of the hill. Though there is significant elevation gain from the base, the views from the top of the mountain weren't that great, mainly being blocked by tree cover.

The air was hot and muggy, so after taking a few pictures, I got back in the comfortable air conditioning of the car, and we drove down the hill. On the way down, we passed a police Suburban that was going up, but we didn't stay around long enough to figure out why. From there, it was several long hours, and we finally arrived back in Texas, finished with our trip, and our work on the State Highpoints for the year.